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hey...it's Wednesday, and I am recovering from Boskone.
We spent most of our time promoting Dennis' new book "The Astonishing Tale of the Gump of Oz" and his new graphic novel "A Promiise Kept in Oz". It was wonderful seeing old friends and making new ones. Dennis spent nearly all the time hovering on the side of one of the bookseller's table signing books and talking Oz with fans.

I managed to get to several great panels, and sat on one. (Gay themes in SF/F)

There was more literary emphasis and less fan emphasis than Aresia. Or at least there were fewer costumed fans and more booksellers. Also the place was awash in publishers, editors. etc. And attended by many writers, published and otherwise.No R2D2, though.

Hey, thank you to the judges for your high esteem of my new Tinman,who now adorns my lj as a new userpic. Wow. I was not expecting that, and must say I was mighty chuffed to find that ribbony addition to my installation. Thanks!