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six days and counting! Dennis is working like crazy to finish some new illustrations. Meanwhile, a playwrite wants to turn The Astonishing Tale of The Gump of Oz into a children's play!

Me, I am creating a Steampunk add-on to the back of my wheelchair. Think gears, copper pipes and dials, with Victorian decoration and a sprinkling of magic. Great fun.


Very disappointing. This movie borrowed imagery and effects from so many other movies that Dennis and I kept a running commentary throughout. Heavy use of Blade Runner...fist punching through wall, dirigibles, even a somewhat Vangelis-like soundtrack. Pyramid building, even spinner-like hover vehicles. And they used that tunnel. Okay, a lot of movies use the tunnel. Clear plastic women's clothing. It made me wonder...if Ridley Scott had the budget of Watchmen to create Blade Runner, would he have made it better? I think not. More on this on my panel at Lunacon. I believe that CGI and lotsa money are no substitute for originality and creative imagination.

The movie was true to the Graphic Novel. But I felt there was too much gratuitous gore.

The very Steampunk crystaline construct on Mars was beautiful.

I found that I really didn't connect with the characters. Too bad.

Vito goes home a geek.

My mother-in-law's dog Vito went back to her house after a two week visit with us. We taught him to raise his paw in the air in response to "Live long and prosper" spoken whilst making the appropriate gesture. Now he has a little glowing 'L' sign over his own head.