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I'm baaack! Do you write?

And I am looking for entries for a new online anthology of science fiction and fantasy short stories.
write to me here for more info.

Pennsic reminder

just a friendly reminder for all my Pennsic merchant friends ... Cindy needs our applications asap!


Lotsa big Thank you to everyone who offered advice and encouragement on the creation of my Steampunk Wheelchair mods. I found that site where you can make your own gear templates ....so look for additions to the wheels in the future.

On the subject of smoke...fog machines may trip hotel smoke alarms...a very bad thing. Incense isnlt enough, and may harm allergic folk. Also not good. Bubble machines could be good for outside, but the soap residue stains fabrics.

I still like the dry ice idea. It will require forward planning to procure and store,and except for the loopy lady who informed me she is allergic to it (???!!!) it is feasible.

BTW...if you took a pic of me at Lunacon, could you please post it so we can see all the angles? Thanx!


Wow. This has been the most informative con we have attended this year. I was happy to reconnect with Mercedes Lackey and LarryDixon. Darkover fans will rember that we both share short stories in "Snows of Darkover" edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

I have been on six panels and did a reading. Dennis's time had also been busy.

Hey! My Steampunk wheelchair won a costuming prize! so far
126 folks photographed me. That I know of. It was fun to make and now a lot of people are enjoying the Fun. More to follow tomorrow.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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